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For groups smaller or larger than 18-24, other limo/van/bus vehicle options are available.

New for Fall - the TRAVELING TASTE TRIP.
 Remember "progressive" dinner parties? Get your group together for appetizers at Cafe X, dinner at Restaurant Y and dessert at Cafe Z. We will make it happen for you.

Let us build a tour just for you!

Thomas Jefferson
at MU Chancellor home marks the first University in the Louisiana Purchase

Old Academic Hall
January 9, 1892

World's first School of Journalism
founded 1908

Lena Raney Wood Hall Stephens College, 1938

MU Francis Quadrangle

"Key to the City"
by Howard Meehan at Columbia City Hall

CULTURAL ARTS - HISTORY - COLLEGE TOWN USA. Choose one of these or request a custom tour designed for your special interests.

WELCOME TO COLUMBIA TOUR. This most popular tour introduces newcomers to the City of Columbia with a glimpse of the Historic District (Downtown), Columbia and Stephens colleges and Columbia's rich cultural heritage. Hear stories about how Columbia was founded, why there is an "Avenue of the Columns" and why many believe there are really ghosts in our town.

CULTURAL ARTS TOUR. The City's Cultural Affairs "Percent for Art" program is a major reason for the treasure of exciting and stimulating public art you will see throughout the community - from street corners, to City Hall and fire stations, to parks and parking garages. The tour will visit the Art & Archaeology Museum and explore the eclectic North Village Arts District.

HISTORICAL TOUR OF COLUMBIA. Founded in 1821, Columbia is known as the "Athens of Missouri." Discover why Columbia is the home of the original Thomas Jefferson tombstone, see the "Avenue of the Columns" and learn how the six columns in the middle of Francis Quadrangle came to be. Visit historic homes and view over 50 century-old Broadway buildings.

COLLEGE TOWN USA. Education has always been the heart and soul of Columbia. Journey through the sprawling and ever evolving campus of the University of Missouri, from the iconic Six Columns amid Francis Quadrangle to the resurrection of "The Shack." Tour historic St. Clair Hall and Launer Auditorium at Columbia College. At Stephens College, view the original campus area, the President's Home and historic Senior Hall. You will see why Columbia is known as "College Town USA."

DESIGN YOUR OWN TOUR. Maybe it's for a birthday or anniversary party, or office outing. You name it and we will put it together.
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